Tengu-no-michi…the "other choice"!

For an ethnic (Shisei) and a behaviour (Seiki)
to refuse beating, to refuse to be defeated…

The "way Tengu" is for whom,
who takes it, traditional in
its concept and modern in
its using possibilities.

As well as traditional…
In consciousness and respect of the endless "Treasure" which is concealed in the old Katas (Koshiki), in meaning of effort, respect authentic, sincerity, modesty, self-control, humanity, effectiveness, will for development, all qualities of an real and engaged man.

…and modern…
for acquisition of a behaviour which turns to defeat oneself technical and mental at the sight of the realistic aggression of the actual world.

Tengu-no-michi…a new definition of martial arts in the 21st century!

Tengu-no-michi: a complete way of martial arts
the ghost of a tradition

1) a classical technique enriched with modern concepts…
…because the violent behaviour and the means of violence had changed.

2) a philosophy for acting and combat to be corresponded…
…because a martial artist must be ready to employ his ability to defend himself and others as well as the basic worthes of population, which he is one part of.

3) a mean of behaviour of responsible citizens…
… because a martial artist is allowed to make use of his ability only in meaning of violence from a adversary under control and with respect of life and judge.

4) the choice of an aim
…because the martial arts in its first meaning a weapon; every weapon must remain under control and its handling mustn't become a game. That means the concept of sportive comparison with its playing companions is totally unfamiliar to the ghost of the "Tengu-way".

Tengu-no-michi: learning and improving the behaviour of a free individual with respect of life, the others, of judge…..

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